Monday, January 30, 2012

Politics "alla palermitana"

The race for Palermo's next mayor is...heating up....  Being an American, I am often surprised at how many candidates Italian elections seem to have from a dizzying array of political parties.  This year the race is chock full of people, and it is interesting to see a diverse group of men and women of all ages vying for the post, bucking the trend that only old men and women run take part in the Italian political process.

The casual traveler probably won't give a care much who wins, but as you walk around the city, taking in the sites, you're bound to see a slew of political posters (manifesti politici) all over the city advertising the various candidates running for the post.

The site, Rosalio, has quaintly dubbed the process, Grande Sindachello, an homage of sorts to Grande Fratello, or, Big Brother (as it is known in English). Big there's an idea for American television executives ( we need more reality TV?). It is mind blowing how important social media has become for elections all over the world, with many of the candidates having Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

If you're curious about the political process in Palermo or want to know more about the candidates, check it out.  It is, of course, in Italian, and will require a decent understanding of the language...or you can simply gaze at the photos of the candidates, too.

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