About Progetto Palermo

Piazza della Vergogna, Palermo
Progetto Palermo is a blog that will feature chapters and photographs from an upcoming book that I hope to publish about one of my favorite Italian cities.

If you travel to Rome or London, you can easily find guidebooks dedicated to these cities.  I decided to write this book after finding difficulty in finding detailed information about Palermo from standard guides.  There is so much to experience in Palermo and the surrounding areas that are often missed by many guidebooks.  Important sites, museums and events are glossed over because they are deemed hard to reach for tourists.  It is amazing the fun you can have when you make the effort, and you will be rewarded for those efforts while exploring this unique city!

Most travel guides feature a chapter or two about Palermo, but to me it is just too wondrous a place to be confined to such little space.  Palermo has so much to offer that I want to share what I know and what I have experienced on my trips to the island.  Many excellent books on the city are written only in Italian and are not always translated into English, and I would like to use my knowledge of Italian, art and history to paint the best possible picture that this city has to offer.

Besides information about sites and happenings, I will also feature guest bloggers and writings that related to Palermo and to Sicily: reviews of concerts, things happening in the city, upcoming events, opinion pieces and more.

Update, 6 February 2011:
I am still working on my book and hope to publish more excerpts from it this year.  My goal is to devote 10 hours per week.  Currently, I am planning on returning to Palermo this summer to do some more research, take pictures and evaluate hotels and restaurants.